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Virginia Kirveliene


Virginia Kirvelienė is an independent Lithuanian artist working in many different art areas – especially textiles.

She is very keen on finding new ways for her works to express the reflections of the world. The artist creates experimental projects for shows and designs individual pieces for private interiors.

She is an active participant in local and international art exhibitions.

Born in 1955 Kudirkos Naumiestis, Šakiai district, Lithuania.


1976 – 1982 Vilnius Art Academy, Textile Department.

Since 1990 Lithuanian Artists’ Association.                            

Since 2000 Textile-Workers and Artists’ Guild.

Serie: Points of Origin

Textil / cotton / press
2009 – 2016

Jolanta Smidtiene


Since the time of her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lithuania, at the Faculty of Textile Arts (1989 – 1995 m), Jolanta discovered the technique of author embroidery: her own technique of three-dimensional embroidery between several parallel planes of tulle stretched on racks. For the invention of long, abstract or realistic stitching, in 2005 she was awarded the Ancor Prize (Great Britain) and was admitted to the English Embroidery Guild.