1954 _Kaunas_Lithuania

  • Birthplace KAZLŲ RŪDA / Kaunas
  • Live in Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Higher education:
  • 1982 Lithuanian State Academy of Fine Arts; Specialty PAINT
  • Professional activities:
  • 1982 -88 Professor of painting, Kaunas High School, Faculty of Applied Arts (Lithuania),
  • 1988 -93 Professor of painting at the Naujalis School of Art in Kaunas
  • Since 1995 Professor and since 2004 Associate Professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts.
  • Since 1988 Member of the Association of Lithuanian Artists.

Ina Mindiuz

1965_Kaunas, Lithuania/ Murcia, Spain

Place and date of birth: Kaunas, Lithuania. 1965

Location of Residence: Murcia, Spain. 2001

Higher education:

2014 – 2016 University of Murcia, Spain. Master in Artistic Production and Management.

2008 – 2012 University of Murcia, Spain. Bachelor of Fine Arts.

1987 – 1993 State Art Institute of Lithuania; Master in Textile specialty.
1982 – 1985 Kaunas College of J. Vienožinskis, Arts Faculty, Lithuania. Specialty Fashion design.

Serie My Meninas 2012 – 2016_Mixed technique_32 x 32 cm

Ines de Haro


Solveiga Vaitkute

1989_Kaunas, Lithuania/Residence Blanes_Girona_Spain

Paradoxes of sound, passing through the visual image, construct semantic language.

Collage / CD / Paper

23/23 cm, 8 pieces


Artist statement:


Stefania von Gravrock

1959_Kaunas, Lithuania/Residence St. Petersbourg, Russia
In 1994 she received a MFA Diploma from Vilnius Academy of Art in Lithuania.
As a costume designer, she works in Russia, Israel, Slovakia, Lithuania; has drawn about 100 performances. It is a painting, graphics and author’s doll.

Laureate of the highest theatrical prizes of Russia “Golden Mask” and the highest theatrical prizes of St. Petersburg “Golden Sophit”.

Works of painting and dolls are kept in private collections. Moscow, St. Petersburg (Russia), New York (USA), Tel Aviv (Israel).


Zenonas Varnauskas

1923 – 2010_Kaunas, Lithuania

Serie: Mother and child

1960 – 2000

Ink_gouache_pencil_ watercolour